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Monday, March 4, 2013

Grace is power for action!

Blessed are the poor in spirit.  This is the starting point for my life.  As I was reading my prayer list today it became very clear to me that I have no spiritual power over any of the others on my list.  My list begins with the president of the United States.  Of course I have no power where he is concerned. But it quickly goes to the minister and elders of my local church and then to my family.  With these I at least can be heard.  But the hard fact is heard is about all that I can truly expect. I cannot direct them to give their attention, to give their devotion, or obedience to God, and then know that because I said so, they will do it.  Nope, no power. 
On the inside of the cover of my prayer book it says, “The revival must start with me.” I am back to “Poor in spirit.”  I have learned and become a little faithful in a few small areas, but compared to where I should be, let’s just say I am very far behind.  I am so thankful that I do believe that God is merciful.  So what can I do?
Continue.  Don’t spend a lot of time moaning and regretting, rather be thankful for the time I still have and move forward.  I can only move slowly forward, but I can move forward. Work at improving my discipline, whatever it is. Learn faithfulness and move forward in one or two areas at a time.
The only power I can ever have is the power of a crucified life.  This is a life where my natural laziness and demands for pleasure have been destroyed and in their place discipline and a thankful heart have taken their place.  This is an indestructible life.  But I can still not make demands and expect to be obeyed.  No the growing spirit will attract others.  But the one poor in spirit, though growing, becomes free to not make demands.  The Eternal God is still the only power on earth to draw men’s hearts.  And he uses the men whose hearts are inclined toward him. 
God, thank you for the desire to act.  Thank you that you also give the power.  Thank you that I have from time to time used that power to exercise that desire.  

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