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Sunday, April 21, 2013

To Be a Christian

To Be a Christian

A person does not become a Christian when they say a prayer. A person does not become a Christian when they are baptized. Reading the Bible will not make you a Christian. Not smoking, not drinking, and not living an immoral life will not make you a Christian. Loving your neighbor, feeding the poor or going to church will not make you a Christian. To be a Christian you must be born again.
Being born again is something only God can do for us, and he will only do it for those who are in desperate need and cry out to him from that need.


The need is not to know that I will go to heaven. The need is not to be successful and have lots of things. The need is to know what life is really about. What was I made for? Why am I here?

When someone has searched for meaning and come up with nothing, and must find the answer; then they will turn to God in that desperate need (Rom 3:10-18). Then, only then, God will hear and plant the seed of life in their heart.(Matt 13:31 & Lk 13:19)

True Kings are absolute rulers. In the Kingdom of God; God rules absolutely by the willing and joyful submission of his people, whom he makes to be his children. He loves for them to call him Father.

To become a Christian a person must die to this world and be born into the Kingdom of God, by an act of God. When anyone comes to God in weakness and need (Heb 4:16), he will always plant the seed of the Kingdom of God their heart.

To develop as a Christian we must nurture that seed so it can grow. but we are all thoroughly corrupt and not able to persevere. (Rom 7:14-25) Do not lose heart, remember there is a throne of grace (Heb 4:16). God will always give grace to the humble. (Js 4:6-10 & I Ptr 5:5). There is work for us to do and it is too great for us. By the desire and strength that Jesus opened to us and God our Father longs to give, we can do what could not be done. Because the strength is not ours but God’s. As we humble ourselves and yield to his will in joyful trust and thanksgiving. He will do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever ask or think. (Eph 3:20)

Two things must be present to grow as a Christian; humility and thankfulness.

Friday, April 12, 2013

One liners

From time to time I will send out little thoughts to some of my friends.  I do this by text message.  I thought I would put these in a blog so others who come here that I don't know might also benefit.  I will show the date originally posted just to separate the thoughts. 

"Our Father who art in heaven" I am often amazed that we are encouraged to call the creator of everything by such a familiar name.
A soldier always knows who he is, when he is in uniform. If I have put on the armour of God I too should be aware of who I am (Eph. 6:13-17)
King David said "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil." I must put my hope and trust in God my loving Father always.
The purpose of the commandment is cherity from a pure heart, and from a healthy conscience and from a faith that is genuine. (I Tim. 1:5)
Get to know Jesus.  Read in the Gospels every day. Read to become familiar with him and the people around him.  Grace and Peace to you.
If I am suppose to follow in Jesus footsteps, I need the power he had. The only way to get that power is by total surrender to the father.  Just like Jesus.
The Jews call themselves the children of Abraham. Those who receive Jesus, receive the power to become the Children of God.  Think about that. (John 1:12)
Noah worked 100 years building a box that could have held 189 tractor trailers.  How quickly do I get discouraged, doing what God has told me to do? (Heb. 4:16)
God knows everything! God loves me & only wants the very best for me! God's way and will is always the very best for me to choose. ALWAYS!!
He who has my commandments & keeps them, he it is who loves me. And he who loves me shall be loved by my father. And I will love him & will reveal myself to him. (Jn 14:21)
How I respond in difficulties tells more about what I really believe than anything I could say or write.
Grace: The desire and ability to do God's will. (Bill Gothard; IBYC) God gives grace to the humble. (Js. 5:5) Look at them together.
Pride that knows how to improve my current situation stands blocking the path to the blessings God has for me here.
Repentance: One of God's best gifts, is the desire and ability to turn from my foolish way and persue his perfect way.
As I am with others today, my hope is to think of them and their needs, to see if there is any way I can encourage them to be more loving and just better people.
I John 2:1a; My little children, these things I write to you so that you may not sin.  That is just as exciting and the second part of this verse.  Think about it.