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Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 4, 2013; A thought for today

Today I am reading Mark chapter 4. I love the story of the soils and am always challenged to consider the soil of my heart. Am I receptive? Are there things in my heart that will hinder the growth of God’s Word there? Several questions like that arise.

But today I read further where Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of God being like a seed which grows up and many can find shelter there. He also speaks of a lamp that needs to be set up where it can give light to all.

Finally I was compelled to write by the familiar story of The disciples crossing the sea of Galilee in a boat and Jesus was in the back on a pillow asleep. The storm arose and the disciples were afraid. This is amazing since at least 4 of these men were experienced sailors.

In each account (Matt 8:18-27; Mark 4:35-41; and Luke 8:22-25) Jesus speaks to their faith. Well he speaks about their not having faith. Since I understand faith to be something that stimulates action, I wonder. What did Jesus want them to do?

I cannot say with full assurance what the answer is in this case but I expect that it may be; Do what you know to do. These men had experience and knew this lake. they knew how to handle the boat and how to work with the storm.

In my life do I act like these men and fail to do what I know because I am concentrating on my problems and not on doing what I know to do, trusting God to carry me through to the end he has in mind for me.

Remember all of the promises of how God does care for us and will not give us more than we can handle(I Cor 10:13). He always will work all things for our good and his glory if we trust him as we act to do what we know(Rom 8:28). I will make mistakes but God can even use that especially if I am acting according to faith.