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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Matthew 13:  The parable of the sewer and the soils.
I see that my heart is a little like the stony soil or the soil among the thorns.  I have a difficult time getting the word to sink in and grow, and when it does begin to grow there are many things that will hinder and choke that word, to keep it from doing its work in my life.
Whenever I neglect to go to the Word of God to hear what he is saying to me today, I automatically go to other things for comfort and encouragement.  All of these other things seem pleasant for the moment But they are without any power for lasting improvement.  My life stays the same and my frustration grows. In this condition I can become a danger to myself and to those around me. 
My only hope is to learn more faithfulness in seeking God through prayer and abiding in his word, Jesus.