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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A dew drop

A dew drop,
A gem most precious;
It cannot be duplicated,
It can only be imitated.

In its heart the universe resides;
Its life is short, almost momentary.
So delicate it can be destroyed,
By the false step of a butterfly.

So is the nature of God’s mercies.
Precious gems destroyed by
Careless steps.

Only by the Grace of God,
Can I nourish and not destroy,
The thousands of mercies,
That God pours out,
For and around me daily.

So is my bride.

She is a precious,
Fragile gem;
Given to me to nourish,
And to cherish.
To wash,
With the dew of His Word.

The gem is as fragile
As the cleanser.

I am brutish and clumsy,
Very prone to fire hoses
And scrub brushes.

A natural man who
Destroys the mercy of God,
In my own
Self righteousness.

Only complete repentance,
And absolute surrender
Of my life,
Can save a single life.

Absolute humility before God,
Then Christ can come forth.
Only then am I of any use
In the Kingdom of God!

The gifts of God are not seen with the natural eye. But God shows mercy and reveals them so we can begin to see the glories that are ours on this way that Jesus went.

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